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Steve Woody, Senior VP Ross Group Inc

Takeaway #1 from Oracle OpenWorld 2016 - The Oracle Cloud Evolution

Steve Woody, CommitDBA President

October 20, 2016

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 (OOW16) was held in San Francisco from September 18th through the 22nd with a reported 50K+ attendees. The conference featured more than 2,500 sessions and 3,000 speakers. As President of CommitDBA services, I focused in all platforms surrounding the Oracle 12c database stack and Oracle cloud platform. This blog along with nine other blogs presents ten important and key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

The Oracle Cloud Platform Evolution

Oracle maturity in the cloud platform continues to evolve rapidly every year. Oracle announced that their cloud conversion of the Oracle enterprise Application suite of products is nearly complete after 10 years of re-design, development and migration to the Oracle cloud. In 2016, with Oracle’s now very mature cloud platform offerings, customers can choose the environment that fits their business needs best. This may include cloud offerings such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Services (SaaS) for Oracle Applications.

As evident with the rapid growth of public cloud services over the last 10 years, public cloud industry leaders including Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft Azure have done well in the IaaS and PaaS domain. The public cloud offers enormous agility, cost, and customer experience benefits. Oracle is rapidly gaining ground in the public cloud platform arena and one specific Oracle cloud keynote session featuring Larry Ellison on September 20th provided key metrics regarding both performance and pricing which compared Oracle’s public cloud solutions to Amazon. Oracle has lowered the cost of their cloud infrastructure, services and other cloud services provisioning making Oracle extremely competitive with both Amazon and Azure.

Oracle’s Cloud Platform: Technological Superiority

In addition to Oracle’s aggressive new price competitiveness, Oracle’s cloud platform takes advantage of its technological superiority with enterprise database provisioning and solutions that are built into the latest release which is Oracle 12cR2. The 12c Oracle enterprise database stack provides significant advantages in database performance, agility, security, high availability, in-memory, disaster recovery and other features that not integrated well or seamlessly with many other top cloud service providers including Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google.

Advantages for Oracle Cloud Customers:

For cloud high availability and disaster recovery, Oracle continues to expand its cloud infrastructure by building large data centers offering multiple Availability Domains (AD) in a region. The advantages for customers using Oracle cloud include; (1) ultra-low latency and high bandwidth between ADs; (2) three completely fault-independent ADs; (3) highly available infrastructure for mission critical workloads. It appears that Oracle is building in advanced data center redundancy features and speed that other top cloud providers cannot match.

Oracle continues to aggressively build out their cloud offerings investing billions of dollars in what they and many see as the future evolution of computing. CommitDBA has partnered with Oracle to provide organizations the expertise required to migrate their data and databases to the cloud. Please see white paper Cloud Database Services for more detailed information.

Look for more Oracle cloud features and articles coming out soon on the CommitDBA blog site.

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