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Steve Woody, Senior VP Ross Group Inc

Takeaway #4 from Oracle OpenWorld 2016 – Exadata Cloud Machine at Customer Site

Steve Woody, CommitDBA President

January 17, 2017

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 (OOW16) was held in San Francisco from September 18th through the 22nd with a reported 50K+ attendees. The conference featured more than 2,500 sessions and 3,000 speakers. As President of CommitDBA services, I focused in all platforms surrounding the Oracle 12c database stack and Oracle cloud platform. This blog along with nine other blogs presents ten important and key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

The Oracle Exadata engineered systems are considered to be the most powerful database platform available on the market with the Oracle enterprise database tightly integrated into the hardware architecture. In the past, a customer could only purchase the Exadata systems for on premise installs locally or in their data centers.

Today, Exadata Cloud Service provides subscription pricing with the ability to grow and expand or shrink capacity based on needs via cloud bursting. The Exadata Cloud Service allows customers to get the benefits of the high compute power of Exadata without having to purchase these engineered systems themselves.

Now, Oracle has introduced a service model where an Exadata machine can be located on premise or on the customer’s data center floor with a cloud subscription cost model. This concept is referred to as “Exadata Cloud Machine at Customer” or ECMC.

With ECMC, the customer pays for a monthly subscription fee the same as with a cloud services.

The advantages to this model include the following:

  • Moving applications to desired internal infrastructure and architecture within a preferred domain of manageability and firewall protection.
  • The monthly subscription fee is the same as it is for the Exadata Cloud Services.
  • The software and hardware is identical to Exadata Cloud Services in that you can move data and applications with the same tools.
  • The ability for capacity load and shrink make the subscription costs and economics more attractive to many organizations than the Exadata purchase option.

Oracle has also introduced "Infrastructure Cloud Machine at Customer” and “Big Data Cloud Machine at Customer” with similar model provisions as the Exadata Cloud Machine.


Utilizing the power of Exadata but with a more economical cost solution via a subscription model is attractive to many customers who may have requirements to stay within the boundaries of their own data centers. The new Exadata Cloud Machine at Customer offering does just that.

Look for more Oracle database related blogs and articles coming out soon on the CommitDBA blog site.

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