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How to add Active Directory User Group as Login in SQL Server 2008

By: Bailey Glenn, CommitDBA staff Network Administrator

July 30, 2012


Your company wants the ability to add user groups to the SQL Server 2008 login as an alternative to adding individual Active Directory user logins.


You have a large project that requires multiple Active Directory users to login to SQL Server. To this day most SQL Server Admins create a separate login account for each of the Active Directory users in SQL Server. However, there is a way to bypass this tedious work and add an Active Directory user group for the SQL Server login. This will also cut down on passwords that the user has to remember.


Use tools, built into Microsoft SQL Server, to trace and analyze sql that is creating the work on the database and look for opportunities to make those queries more efficient; hence, the application faster and more responsive.

  • Open SQL Server Management Studio and navigate to (Your Server) -> Security -> Logins
  • Right click on Logins and click on New Login

Active Directory Login

  • When the window opens click on Search.

Figure 2

  • After the Select User or Group window pops up click on Object Types and then check Groups (Groups is disabled by default.)

Figure 2

  • After doing this make sure to set From this location: to Entire Directory
  • Now the Active Directory group you choose will be able to login to the SQL Server Database.

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