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What to Expect when signing up for Database Managed Services – Part 1

February 8, 2017

Database managed services (DBMS) include more than simply managing your data; DBMS includes all aspects of database services including knowing the current state of your company’s data to where, when, and how to improve your databases, installation of proper monitoring tools, performing a database assessment, creating a plan to improve your database environment, offering 24x7 managed services, and conducting regular meetings to ensure that all database projects and needs are growing and developing appropriately.

Kickoff Meeting

After signing up for database managed services, you should expect a kickoff meeting. During this meeting, contact and connectivity information will be shared between your organization and your DBMS provider. The scope of services and expectations will be covered, which will include any and all timelines and schedules. You will discuss the service-level agreement (SLA) as well as the service call procedures. The kickoff meeting will also go over future DBA projects that you do not yet have in place, but may or will be later. The meeting should also include a question and answer session to ensure that all aspects and requirements of the database managed services are understood, that there are no lingering questions about what is and is not included, and to be sure that you leave the meeting confident that all of your database management needs are being met.

Installation of Monitoring Tools

After the kickoff meeting, your DBMS provider should install monitoring tools in order to provide 24x7 monitoring of your database. Along with the installation, tools requirements should be established, and the monitoring tool alerts should be adjusted based on activity. Not every provider of remote database administration will use the same monitoring tools, so enquire about which tools your provider uses to guarantee that they can provide the level of monitoring and comfort that you need. At CommitDBA, we use Foglight, which enables 24x7 proactive monitoring, data collection, and alert automation.

Database Environment Analysis

Once the monitoring tools are installed, either a database assessment or discovery should be performed. The assessment methodology should incorporate industry best practice and standards, an adoptive framework, and best-in-class monitoring tools. At CommitDBA, we use a proven seven step end-to-end process to give you the best results possible, which includes a focused maturity roadmap to get your database to optimal productivity and continuity.

After the assessment, your database managed services provider should then present their findings and recommendations. Based on those results, your DBMS provider will discuss a plan for improving your database environment.

From database assessments to complete database management, CommitDBA can assist your company today. For more information about how CommitDBA can work for you – give us a call at (844) 220-4272.

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