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Is a Remote Database Administrator Right for Your Company: Find Out!

October 10, 2012

Remote database administrators are a cost effective solution to the fast paced realm of information technology. They manage and protect organizations’ databases and send alerts when problems appear. Although many businesses and organizations utilize the services of remote DBAs, how do you know if they are right for your company?

Your Organization is Experiencing Rapid Growth

If your organization is undergoing exponential growth, you should consider investing in a remote database administrator. Data is the most precious aspect for your organization, and the faster you expand, the more data that needs to be managed, and the more likely you may experience performance bottlenecks along with potential downtime. You can always employ internally staffed database administrators, but that will end up being more expensive and they may not have the necessary means to handle your growing database. At CommitDBA, we are able to monitor real-time your database 24/7 with best-in-class tool Quest Foglight® and quickly remediate any and all issues your database may experience.

You Do Not Have Expert DBAs

If you do not have any expert database administrators employed in your organization, we recommend that you immediately employ the services of a remote database administrator. If you cannot access your critical data, your business will lose money. Without proactive managed database services, your environment is categorized at the reactive and possibly the chaotic level. Severe level problems could include significant time to resolve. For instance database recovery could take awhile since there would be no prior knowledge of backup configuration. Worse case scenarios would include the inability to restore a database since backups were not monitored or audited for reliability.

With managed database services, your environment would be categorized at the proactive and optimized level. With CommitDBA, you are guaranteed certified DBA experts that will work round the clock to manage your database and provide the proactive services you need to maintain for an optimized level database environment.

You Constantly Experience Problems with your Database

If your database commonly experiences issues, such as poor performance levels or outages, then it’s time to seek help from a remote database administrator. Constant difficulties with your data are very serious and can lead to your organization’s loss of revenue. Remote database administrators offer immediate relief at a more affordable cost so you can focus on your primary objectives. Our DBAManage™ services provides a primary and secondary DBA, over 200+ well defined in-scope service provisions, best-in-class real-time monitoring tool (Quest Foglight) and protection with a well defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Your database can be very capricious, especially when you lack the necessary expertise to handle it. Rapid growth and inadequate security can cause problems in your database, which can quickly cripple your business. It is imperative that your database is monitored by certified experts, that way when problems appear –and they will –they can be swiftly dealt with. With CommitDBA™, your database will be constantly monitored by Foglight® and professionals who will immediately notify you and remediate problems that occur within your database.

From database assessments to complete database management, CommitDBA can assist your company today. For more information about how CommitDBA can work for you – give us a call at (800) 734-9304.

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