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Are you guilty of any of these top IT security mistakes?

June 29, 2012

CIO recently shared the top security mistakes made while you were working on other things. Here are a few of the items they shared. While you read, consider this: What if you had a remote DBA pro available so you didn't miss these things?

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  • While a company’s data can be revealed or retrieved by intricate cyber-attacks, it is also susceptible to the exploitation of elementary security blunders and simple human mistakes, such as leaving easy access devices with unencrypted information unattended in public locations. Although the remedies for these easy mistakes are merely simple procedures, it can be laborious to keep track and maintain them. With CommitDBA, our experts can easily keep track and monitor your databases so you do not have to waste valuable time and resources on what is not your primary business objective. Even if you have professionals helping with database security, it is still prudent to do whatever is in your power to keep your information secure. Remember, your data is your most valuable intangible company asset and database protection is the last line of defense before your data may be compromised.

  • Using passwords is a great way of keeping undesirables away from your private information, though they can still be beat. Changing passwords on a regular basis is a great way to keep unauthorized intrusions at bay. Straying from easy to guess passwords (like 1234) and changing passwords from the default setting also reduces the chance of somebody gaining access to private information. Although simple passwords are easier to remember, they’re also easier for a third party to guess. With CommitDBA, we monitor user account and database credentials for proper authentication.

  • Hackers have been known to commit their cyber-attacks in plain sight; public kiosks, ATMs, and other machines have been breached by people posing as technicians. It is not safe to merely assume that anybody working on a terminal belongs there, especially if you are unaware the terminal required maintenance. Checking a supposed technician for identification can prevent compromised information. Similar checks on the database to limit access such as removing defunct users or creating user roles so less privileged users cannot access critical data becomes necessary to implement.

  • While such simple actions can go a long way in preventing cyber-attacks and data compromise, it is wise to employ the help of experts who specialize in monitoring and protecting databases. Through constant monitoring utilizing industry leading tools, they are more able to detect vulnerabilities, especially when multiple applications are used for the business. When detected, experts act swiftly to patch the problem and send alerts to the business. Information is the most important aspect of any business, so it is imperative to the success of the company to protect it from theft.

From database assessments to complete database management, CommitDBA can assist your company today. For more information about how CommitDBA can work for you – give us a call at (800) 734-9304.

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