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Three Reasons to Use a Remote DBA Service

August 25, 2016

Considering whether to hire an in-house database administrator? Here are three reasons to use a remote DBA service instead.

Knowledge Base

Using a remote DBA service gives you access to not just one DBA's knowledge and abilities, but rather the knowledge and abilities of the entire remote DBA staff. If there is an issue that one DBA cannot resolve, another DBA is there with different skill sets to resolve the problem. Likewise, if your company ever chose to change from one database management system to another DBMS, then you have the peace of mind to know that the remote DBA service has DBAs that can handle whatever system you change to. Conversely, if you have a full-time DBA on staff, you are limited to the knowledge base of that person. Should you need something beyond that DBA's knowledge base, you will either have to pay to train the DBA or hire someone else; in either case, you are spending more money and losing valuable time.

Greater Database Availability

When using an in-house database administrator, the health and uptime of your database can be subject to your DBA’s availability. If your DBA is sick or on vacation, that can leave you in a pinch should your database go down. Having a remote DBA helps to ensure that any downtime of your database is minimal. Because you are paying for a service and not for an employee, there are multiple DBAs available to monitor and maintain your database.

Lower Cost

Perhaps most importantly, using remote DBAs is less expensive than having an in-house DBA. Hiring a full-time DBA costs money. The current median salary in the US for a DBA is $80,000 and senior DBAs can demand more than $125,000. What's more, you can expect to pay out several thousands more in regular training for the DBA. With a remote DBA, you have a person or a team of persons managing your database for a significantly smaller amount of money. Remote database management companies can do this because 1) they are working with multiple clients; and 2) they are providing you with only the services that you specifically need.

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