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Going Green in the Office Isn't Just for Technology

November 19, 2012

Commit DBA is part of your business strategy, and we are here to provide valuable information when you need it. In this post, we've deviated a bit from our regular database and remote DBA topics to share information that speaks to many business's overall objectives: achieving green objectives.

Now that cold weather is starting to set in, you may be evaluating how to achieve your business's "green" objectives while staying warm and comfortable. Here are a few tips to help save the environment –and your money –in the office:

Office Temperature

Maintaining a constant temperature for your office is a good way to go green. When the thermostat is in a state of flux, the office heating system constantly turns on and off, which causes it to work harder and experience more wear and tear. For each degree lower your thermostat is set, you could save 3-5%. Remind employees that they can wear multiple layers of clothing if they feel too cold in the office as an alternative to cranking up the heat. Your office can use the sun to help heat up the building by opening blinds in windows that face the sun during the warm hours and closing them when the sun goes down.

Office Equipment

Reminding your employees to properly power down and unplug the office equipment at the end of the day can help prolong the office’s equipment lives and cut down on energy consumption. Even when switched off, plugged in electronics still use up energy which can be very wasteful over time. Although electronics do produce heat when on, discourage your staff from leaving unused equipment on because they are wasting a lot of energy for a very small output of heat. You can further your green agenda by donating equipment that rarely gets used and recycling the broken electronics.


Carpooling, especially during cold weather, is a good method for going green. When it’s cold outside, most people tend to let their cars run a little longer to warm up before leaving to work, and the more people that do it, the more gas is being consumed. Encourage your employees to carpool to help cut down the amount of gas used up daily by offering to help draw up a schedule and taking part in the carpool.

Take some time to evaluate your green strategies and see how your employees and your technology can work together to save you money and help your business leave a smaller footprint.

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