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Four Tips to Strengthen Your Database

October 4, 2016

All organizations rely on their data and databases as invaluable key assets. It is important to ensure that your database environment is strong in various disciplines which most benefits your company.

Here are four tips to help guarantee that it does just that.

1. High Availability (HA)

A database is only as good as the data it contains and available when required for application processing. There are many ways to implement high availability for databases, some of which include clustering, replication, specific hardware HA options and cloud HA options. Depending on your organizational requirements for database high availability, an assessment is typically required to determine what HA options are feasible based on budget and level-of-effort needed.

2. Database Security (DS)

Securing your databases is one of the most important DBA tasks today. High profile data breaches are occurring at an alarming rate. If other security layers are compromised, your database security mechanisms are your last line of defense. There are many database security options, many of which require thorough data and architectural analysis along with financial commitment. However, the risk of data exposure and data breach far outweighs the investment required to protect your data.

3. Database Performance (DP)

Reviewing business and operations performance is a necessity; database performance checkups are the same. Reviewing your database performance helps your business grow since your data transactions and querying will be running optimally. Acceptable database performance ensures that your business is running efficiently and processing the orders that generate revenue. However, optimal database performance can be complex with a lot of components to manage. Work with your remote DBA to schedule performance audits and database adjustments as necessary.

4. Backup Recovery/Disaster Recovery (BR/DR)

Having proper database backups and disaster plans is extremely important for business continuity.

As with any system, a database may become damaged, corrupted, or unavailable for any number of reasons. Without a backup, your critical data may either be lost forever or extremely expensive and time-consuming to recover. Having backup processes that are regularly updated ensures that, should something happen to the database, your data is still safe, secure, and accessible. In addition, having an appropriate disaster recovery plan will ensure that your data is available at an alternative site should the primary site become unavailable for a significant period of time.

For managed database solutions that can help your organization with the four important tips and administration functions listed in this article, CommitDBA can assist you. For more information about how CommitDBA can work for you – give us a call at (844) 220-4272.

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