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Database Managed Services in the Cloud

January 29, 2017

As cloud maturation continues, it is becoming less common for companies to use on-premises environments. Instead, cloud adoption is becoming more of the standard. SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 all have premier cloud-based databases that can be right-sized for your environment needs at any time. At this point, the latest iteration of Oracle, 12cR2, is currently available only on the cloud with an on-premises version to come later. Regardless of this trend to migrate databases on the cloud, database managed services are still a necessity. In fact, they may be even more so, now.

It is necessary to have a database administrator (DBA) manage and administer your databases even when your databases are located in the cloud. Although the functions for a DBA to manage cloud-based databases differ slightly from on-premises databases, it is still necessary to have a DBA to manage and administer the databases.

What about cloud service provider support?

Generally, cloud service providers (CSPs) do not provide DBA support. When they do, CSPs offer only limited support at best. Even when CSPs assist with the infrastructure requirements, they typically will not provide Database as a Service (DaaS). The exceptions tend to run with a hefty price tag, making it significantly more cost effective to seek those services elsewhere.

Cloud DBA services are different than on-premises

DBA services are not the same in the cloud as they are on-premises. The CSP manages aspects that would normally be under your control, including the physical storage and backup/recovery; the latter usually has limitations (such as point-in-time recovery). Additional skills and knowledge will also be required for the DBA to effectively provide database managed services in the cloud. Using a managed services provider ensures that the DBAs managing your databases always have the right skills, knowledge, and experience.

For more information on cloud data migration, read our white paper: Cloud Database Services.

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