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Data Breaches in IT History

May 8, 2012

We recently read an article on entitled, “The Most Mortifying Moments in IT History” and was reminded of how vitally important it is to keep your database secure from potential threats. Take a look at some of the dangerous situations organizations have found themselves in over the past several years.

  • Just recently, April of last year, RSA had a major security breach. Attackers stole secrets that would compromise U.S.military contractors. According to RSA officials, the attackers started off by compromising the network of a trusted RSA business partner and used that infiltration to send a spear phishing email to an RSA employee who fell for the ruse.1 Later, the attackers were able to use the information stolen from RSA to breach Lockheed Martin’s network.

  • After previous CEO of HB Gary Federal announced his plan to expose the leaders of the hacktivist group Anonymous, the group lashed back by hacking the website and exposing several (we’re talking tens of thousands) sensitive corporate emails, many of which did not put the organization in such a great light.2

  • Last year, the Sony Playstation Network breach was classified as one of the largest security failures in IT history. An estimated 77 million and counting people had their personal, password and possibly credit card information, stolen by hackers.3

  • In 2009, criminal Albert Gonzalez broke into the Heartland Payment Systems network and stole millions of credit card numbers from major United States retailers. This was one of the largest thefts of its kind. Once Gonzalez and his co-conspirators attained the credit card numbers they sold the information to other criminals, leaving millions of people vulnerable to credit card fraud. 4

These are just a few of some of the biggest IT breaches over the last few years. When you run an organization, there is a lot at stake. It is vital that your database is kept secure from potential threats. With CommitDBA by your side you can have peace of mind that your database is being monitored and managed by experienced, professional and trust-worthy database administrators. For more information about CommitDBA and the services we offer – give us a call at (800) 734-9304 or take advantage of the database assessment.

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