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What is business database management?

March 6, 2012

Simply put - business database management ensures that your business business data stays safe and sound - ready to be accessed and provide value to you. Your business data is really business intelligence.

At CommitDBA, we offer a comprehensive set of database administration services for your Oracle, SQL Server and MYSQL database environments. This can include monitoring your databases, assisting with a complex Oracle RAC implementation or even assuming total management responsibilities for your database environment.

There are several ways that CommitDBA can assist your company: Remote database administration and support, comprehensive database assessment and health checks, emergency database support and more.

Remote Database Administration

Remote Database Administration is the perfect solution for an organization looking to do more with less. Allowing our professional database administration team to manage your database environment will benefit you by capitalizing on our economies of scale and expert DBA best practices, cost savings for your company and enhanced service levels at the same time for your Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database environments. Remote administration frees our clients to better achieve their business objectives by having the time and energy to devote to them.

Comprehensive Database Assessments and Health Checks

Having your database assessed by a professional database professional should be a priority. Your database could contain potential problems that may cause an outage – resulting in serious business interruption and potential loss of revenue. A database assessment will allow you to understand the possible problems that may occur in your database environment and what you can do to ensure that your database is protected, recoverable and secure.

Emergency Database Support

CommitDBA’s database management services include emergency database support with your Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySql. Some of our emergency services include: recovering a down database, recovering lost data, repairing corrupted datafiles, re-establishing connectivity, and improving performance. A senior DBA will work with you personally to resolve any and all issues you may be having.

For more information about CommitDBA’s database management services and how they can benefit you and your company – give us a call at 800-734-9304 or contact us on the web:

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