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Do you Know What to ask Your Database Partners?

April 23, 2012

Your Business Depends on Its Data

Nothing is more important than your company’s data. When you are choosing a partner to take on the responsibility of monitoring, managing and securing your data it is vital to ask questions to determine who it is you are working with and if they are truly qualified.

Here are our top four questions you should ask before choosing a company to handle your Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database environments.

1. How much experience does your company and its employees have? As with most professions, experience is the defining difference between a team that will surpass all of your expectations and a team that will ultimately fail you and your company’s needs. With that said, when you choose a database partner, they should have the expertise and experience to keep your database environments running smoothly and your information and data secure.

2. Will I have a senior DBA on my account? While junior DBA’s can take care of monitoring and most issues, it is important to have access to a senior DBA that has more experience in the case of a major event.

3. Is your company located in the United States? This is a big one. As we have discussed in the past, off-shoring your database needs can have major consequences. Other countries do not have the same data laws that we have here in the United States. This can lead to issues like stolen data.

4. Can you provide references? If a company can not provide references or good old, honest customer testimonials – beware! Talking to past or current clients of the company is a great way to find out if this is a company you would like to partner with to take care of all of your database needs.

The CommitDBA team is led by Steve Woody, a senior partner with Ross Group and one of the most highly respected DBAs in the field. Supporting Steve is a strong team of senior, mid-level and junior DBAs, system administrators and help desk staff skilled in all aspects of advanced database administration.

The CommitDBA team is further supported by the management and administration staff of Ross Group Inc., providing tremendous reach-back capability. We are also able to distribute workload based on capability. Our junior DBAs do the monitoring, man the help desk, check log files, and verify backups and dozens of other simpler tasks.

Our senior DBAs do the heavy lifting. They respond to alerts, perform patch management, tuning and any number of other complex tasks. We have tremendous reach back capability. If there is a problem and eventually there will be, someone on our staff will have seen and solved it at some time. We are located in the United States and we can provide customer testimonials and client references at your convenience!

For more information about our capabilities, give CommitDBA a call at 800-734-9304 or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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