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April 4, 2012

In a world where information is power, a company or organization’s data is king.

A business could not survive if it had no way of effectively handling the complex data. As a company grows, so does its database. But for some reason, even though a business would die without expert database management, some still opt to go the cheapest route – offshore remote database administration. We understand the concept of trying to save a dollar, but when it comes at the expense of compromising the quality of services and security for your complex database environments – we can tell you that it is not worth it.

We learned from one recent study that American organizations are starting to understand that as well, stating: “A new survey finds rising worries about product quality and intellectual-property theft.” Unfortunately, other countries do not have the same data laws that we have here in America. This can cause a world of problems if your data is stolen or sold. Your organization will not only suffer because of the data breach, but will most likely have no way of recourse for the injustice. A situation like that can actually cut a company off at the knees.

With so much at stake, the risk is hardly worth the savings you may achieve by choosing an offshore database administration company. At CommitDBA, we understand the seriousness of keeping your database environments running and secure. We offer several comprehensive remote database administration plans to help you remove the burden of database management from your internal staff.

Our team of skilled DBAs maintain databases for our clients all across the US and even around the world. Our core expertise is remote database monitoring and management of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL mission critical databases for our clients. We employ world class remote monitoring technology and a top team of certified DBAs to keep our clients databases performing optimally allowing our clients to concentrate on their business not their databases.

Next Steps

For more information about either of these plans or how to set up a custom remote database administration plan for your organization, give CommitDBA a call at 800-734-9304 or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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